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Case Study: DC10

After 10 seasons out at sea, the folks at Original Productions wanted to amp-up the quality of the Deadliest Catch lower third graphics. They asked us to come on board to create a new look.

The Bearing Sea beats these crabbing vessels day in and day out. Rust accumulates requiring layer upon layer of touch-up paint. These beautifully weathered ships were our inspiration.

We crafted lower thirds to match the textures and colors of each ship. As crew members appear, their ship is quickly identifiable by the custom color scheme in the graphics. Now Deadliest Catch viewers can easily recall each team’s boat by the branding color alone.

10 years – what a milestone! May this be the best voyage yet.

Deadliest Catch is produced by Original Productions, a FremantleMedia Company, and is distributed by the Discovery Channel. All rights reserved.